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~CG~ [Oct. 4th, 2007|06:43 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


[Current Place |Los Al, California]
[My Mood Today |amusedamused]
[Music |I like it like this- Mims]

 -Ugh- I woke up early this morning! -yawn-
Okay so the volleball team did good! -yay!-
first the score was 25-9
they lost the second 26-24
they won 15 -9

Okay again today they did good today again

Shane Rice and Kori showed up to watch the game *cough cough* ya right...

7th Grade News
Emily C. likes Donnie (dont know how to spell his name)
Julia Savage barely talks to Patrick but then again SHS are known to have SHS relationships
Samatha Hernandez=Bitch,fake,obnoxious
Samantha also likes Cody Pittman and a lot of people pretend to be nice to her...
Tanner well people said he is gay
Mari rolled her ankle

Hayden got 5 points off because Carona told on him saying well crying that he made fun of her
Avalon = BITCH, fake, ugly, overated, (slut in my opinion)
Austyn likes Valerie and Natalia
Danny is flirting a lot with Avalon
Nolan likes Lauren E, Julia, or Kori, oh or Valerie (4 girls wow theres a great selection!)

The fight between Madi's group is over! yay! I felt bad for Jenny I mean she looked like a loner and NIkki looked left out...

Madi Julia and Kelly are planning to go to Palm Springs because Julia's mom hads a place up there to chill out
New seating arangements suck in Mr. Zahn's

Talent Show?? Well whats the point of the name there was no talent I mean we have some girls who fell or ws jump roping fun...magic show? means magic no....The Talent show basically sucked it was stupid and pointless but at least we got out of class..Now I cant listen to the song Fabulous b/c that girl RUINED it!!
Everyone was laughing at her! Honestly doesnt she have a best friend she could obviously tell her that she sucks! She is also new so new girl say GOODBYE to your relation ship and end it with a Fabulous KISS!
Mr, Z's class say goodbye to perfect attendance record carina is playing hookey...skipping school. Oh and lolz carina slapped patricks head b/c his hair was messed up (that was fn hilarious!) Daniella brought coffee to school after avalon and people said that Daniella was copying Avalon...

Listen Everyone bringing coffee to SHS is OVERATED like the Razor cellphone

Oh and Carmir (Senora Maridakis) had an arguement with Carina *snorts* whens that new? But it was FUNNY!!!

Whats in...
Hannah Montanna
High School Musical 2
Envy's and Oragami
Kanye West
High Socks
Coach shoes and All Stars and Vans
Soccer and Volleyball/football
Straight Hair
Short Hair 
Dance Parties
Darker Colors
Clear Nail Polish for SHS

Sorry LG and GG I hgavent posted in a while....

Cover girl 
we all live in a glamourousa world...