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Gossip Girl [Oct. 7th, 2007|05:24 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


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[Music |Mandy- The Jonas Brothers]

I am back with some gossip...of course.

You all know because of my past gossip that hayden and avalon are dating.
Well here's the thing they are so cute together!!
Everyone was saying how avalon was slutty for getting in a circle with boys and 'freak dancing'

Then Rumors do spread quick b/c eveyone was saying how they were making out in the backroom.

Everyone went up to the 'gossip holder' to ask if it was true...
But Carina said it was not...she told everyone they were not and said they just started dating GOD! haha

Anyways this is the thing Avalon and Hayden got pushed into the Kitchen...and they got in trouble...people got ideas.
Lauren yelled at Hayden and Laurens mom got mad at Lauren saying if they go outside or in the rooms again she is going to call her dad(mr. Wintheiser) to patrol all doors!! (That sucks)

Everyone was freak dancing but some were saying:
ts freaking for SHS!"
"hahaha Look at them!"
"Eww Gross"
"they dont know how to do it right!"

Avalon and Hayden were like magnets! It was cute and they were sitting on each others laps!!
someone said, "Avalon make it last longer! Dont make it an SHS relationship!"

Everonye was dancing with each other! Mookie with Shane G.
Valerie with Stephen
Kyle with Jillian...YES I WON MY BET!!!! THEY DANCED!
and another few bucks b/c kyle asked her out and she said -drum roll-

Carina danced with Cole!!

"Thats weird!"
"DESPERATE" she's far from that check my sightings
"when did that happen?"
"she regrets what she did, I mean he is her friend and she felt so bad! She even told me and I thought she was going to cry!"
"she looked embaressed"
"I felt bad her face turned red and she ran to the bathroom,"
"I saw her run to Kevin and Kyle after,"
"She ran to her friends,"
"Carina told us that she couldnt believe what she just did
 and she said now she feels uncomfortable around him now"

Sightings (today and at the party):
Weird red head guy tall hugging katelyn farrel and her friend
Last years eight graders showed up Nicole Han, Lea Matheson, Katelyn Farrell, Katie Bickerstaff(sorry spelled that wrong)
Some people crashed like some seventh graders and last years eigth graders
Sydney showed up yay!! She was so nice and funny! and had some great pics too!
Carina with guy today blonde hair, blue eyes maybe 5'11? Pale, T-shirt, jeans (of course), black shoes
At Church at ten thirty: Gaby, Carina, Tim
Ryan, Kori, and Katelyn at Jamba (so what I heard)

Inncedents at the party:
Kyle got hurt (not by Jillian) but by Danny He was on his shoulders and they dropped him -OUCH!-
Kyle was pissed off of course!
Hayden lap danced Cody, Cody lapped danced him back (if ur going to do that boys do it the right way and with someone without a girlfriend and with a girl not another boy k?)
Honestly people definately need to learn!
Gaby was pissed b/c her crush was avoiding her (Stephen) whoops did that just slip?
Cody acicidently ran into Jackie
More and more freak trains, spinning around, and slding with the chairs...haha 
Carina *haha* got bucked off the chair and she flew! I didnt know bitches could fly!!
Ryan freaked with some blonde girl and well lets just say it STALKER!!!

Every seventh grader wanted to dance with Mookie!
Breathe Samantha Breathe...she OMG sat next to Cody P! OMg! um who cares??

Shane R.
Nicola didnt go to the party and I wish I didnt either!

"1 hour left,"
"I wanna go home"
"Thios party sucks,"
"This party is sooo BORING,''
"Nobody's Dancing!"
"Everyone danced after one hour"
"The DJ is so weird and he sucks!"
"Is this a socializing party or a damn dance party,"
"I was supposed to be at another place with my'
outside of school friends' but I blew it off to be here and this is not worth it,"

Old news:
The fifth graders were asking each other out! My god they are so gay!
Fabulous girl u know the one who sang terrible trashed her repuatation
Cody and Avalon may be a couple...now its Avayden
Carina skipped school

Autumnfest is coming!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!

School News:
Well here is the thing Im not sure if this is true but this is what I heard...
The eighth graders might get seventh graders as friendship partners and sixth with fifth and fourth with third...etc.
Are you getting pissed off b/c I was...but Im not sure if it was true....
We might or might not have the big ferriswheel (dont know how to spell that)
Tickets for autumn fest are different...

Hayley Butler got sick
Joe was there...suprise,suprise.

Tomorrow is school, and we get more gossip each day...keep it up guys!
Mystery Book Report is this month...yay
Supplantation was fun
Z points here and there not for 8 though thanks to Kyle and Kevin
"Follow the yellow brick road,"

Jackie and Nikki are going to Jonas Brothers concert on tuesday...
Volleyball homegame for Varsity team at Quin Hall...LG is going to post tomorrow...

Kyle and Thomas Anderson with Brian at his house
Carina in a pink dress riding with her little cousin on Kyle's street...

I guess Im done here, I am going to have someone give everyone a piece of paper to my link...as a favor for not spilling their secret.I am nervous b/c people may not like what I say but what the hell who cares?? I guess Im done here, I am going to have someone give everyone a piece of paper to my link...as a favor for not spilling their secret.I am nervous b/c people may not like what I say but what the hell who cares?? Well thats basically it...Oh and Daniele was dancing in a middle of the circle and hahahaha that was funny!!

You Know You Love Me,

Gossip Girl