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Cody's Party - Gossipgirl_SHS [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cody's Party [Sep. 26th, 2007|06:48 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


[Current Place |Los Al, California]
[My Mood Today |flirtyflirty]
[Music |Great Escape- Boys Like Girls]

The Cons
People complained that it was too long 
It was boring
Cody wasnt even dancing
The DJ was crappy I mean just one more dance at the end is all we ask for right??
Someone should break the karaoke machine (my GOD!)
No one danced until maybe 40 minutes later!!
People said it was boring and the party was a bust!

The Pros
Gaby and Cole are together ( as a couple) 
we had glow stick thingys 
good food
Cody's mom was really nice
there was pizza, yum!

Alright now for some news-
Kori danced with Shane R
Mary danced with Shane G
Valerie danced with Shane R
The boys were doing the "hump" dance lolz!
Kyle was known to be Nolans twin for the night
Micaela/Natalia/Daniella drama
Trying to make a freak train girls?? well they did but it broke each time
Nicola likes Shne G which I found out by five girls
Avalon didnt go to Cody's party
Not a lot of people attended the dance
Nicola's ex(Luke) showed up giving a bad impression to some people
"I have a fucken headache."
"He talked like a girl!" - two sources who met him one said that he said, "Hi my name is Wayne."
Everyone wanted to talk to him... Luke come on talk to them, my god they wont bite( okay maybe I would but anyways)
First everyone thought it was Joe but it was actually "Luke I am your father" I mean it was Luke.
Ryan, Austen, Shane took off their shirts ( I wish Cody did lolz)
(No I dont like him like that, my GOD)
Carina left her phone at the party (isnt she intelligent lolz)
Still trying to find out who was making out in Target...well you wont find that here RIGHT GG?? 
Need some ideas or have some ideas for Halloween costumes post comment...
Pretty in Pink is the next party (hopefully it would not bomb like cody's did hehe)
Halloween party's are CANCELLED f(Carina/Bree)
Carina told us that "I am going to have a party in November, and yes it is a dance party."
Carina got a haircut
new school rule- everything needs to be tucked in (damnit!)
Have pictures from codys party post them in comments...
Ryan's friends went to our school at PE and gave us quite a show!
They ran from Ms Carr going behind her jumping the wall and Ryan had to go over there to stop them
The ogre lady got Shane, Danny, Hayden, Cody in trouble( who likes that lady you know the one with gray hair and her ass being bigger then the rest of her body?)

I like flat buns...

Mrs. Creason mad us girls run three laps the last one for messing up by running in the wrong area's
Basically thats all I have...

Hayden please dont get yourself EXPELLED!!!

!! LG !!