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-LG- [Sep. 27th, 2007|09:15 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


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Cole broke up with Gaby (already?)
**from within the circle**
"Gaby told Cole that her parents told her she cant go out with anyone, Cole got freaked out that she told her parents it was a date and he (cole) told his parents he was going without with a friend. Cole asked Carina and sqiurt to break up with her for him and you know carina she takes an oppurtunity to A) start drama B) Get attention C) Be a bitch about it. Then they broke up  and stayed friends. But Gaby wont talk to him and he is complaining how she wont talk to him."
Carina--"I think you should go up to her and talk to her my god!"
**Basically that's it**
Pep Rally is tomorrow and GG will post tomorrow...you know how it is social and important events are hers to take!

Kissing events--
GG kiss my ass! Here is what some people think 
"I think it is Avalon and Hayden"
"I think it is Kori and her boyfriend"
"I think it is Nicola and Danny" (thats funny! lolZ!)

Soccer Player--
"My friend told me that some girl in eighth grade in our school, sent my friends guy friend a picture with heer and her bra on and the second photo was topless," I dont know who it is and me and my friend think maybe she lied to him ( my friends guy friend)"

Eww..gross! Any thoughts? This girl is A) desperate B) wants to pull a Vannessa Hudgens!

Nicola likes A) Danny or B) Shane C) Nolan

From within another Group--
Shane likes Valerie, Julia, and I think Madi too

Heads up to guys at SHS!!
Madi is available!! yaya! 

Another conflict between Madi, Nicola, Carina, Julia, Bree, and Kelly vs. Jenny, Nikki
Lauren E. whos side are you on??
Jenny stop braggin about Materdei and stop hanging all over Thomas admit it you like him!!!
Nikki stop backstabbing your friends and running off and being a messenger!!
-more messages-
Madi why are you so mad at them?? --well maybe the top answer answers you question
Julia you acting very different and it's bugging me --Okay maybe because she changes and she wants to be social and its called PUBERTY!!
Nicola stop being so flirty! -- she's a GIRL maybe you should act like a GIRL too!

Daniella I hope the Pep is better than last year or well I'll be sitting next to Carina and some other girls and COMPLAIN!

Knotts Scary Farm
who wants to go I know 
Carina, Madi, Julia, Nicola, Bree, Kelly, Nolan, Kevin?, Shane R, Shane G. Lauren E?
-Message Alert-
Brian and Danny do you want to go with Kelly Carina Julia, Nicola, Bree,  Nolan, Kevin?, Shane R, Shane G. Madi??

 Thats all Folks! Um no! GG will be on tomorrow and possibly NG, QG, MG and me of course since I am a Gretchen to Regina (GG)



Life is Good ...

[User Picture]From: gossipgirl_101
2007-09-29 04:12 am (UTC)
LG- Honestly hon do you want everyone to know who you are?? Do you want me to tell everyone your little secret? No I dont think you want that so you better next time listen...but since this is a long entry I'm going to let it be.
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