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Peppy GG! [Sep. 28th, 2007|09:12 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


[Current Place |Los Al, California]
[My Mood Today |amusedamused]
[Music |Tamboruine- Eve]

The pep rally was today, fun! Um well no. Want to know what some people said?
Some said it was fun
"It was too short!"
"there were no games! Well only two..."
"The dances seemed a little cheep"

Haha I swear I almost saw a bit of drool when the varsity cheer were dancing. The B girls shimmy?? That is weird the varsity didnt do much of that. In my opion I liked the Pep Rally which = gossip, cutting last period. Some of the girls even made fun of how the varsity almost fell when the were introduced, how embaressing!! What about Thomas and Samantha? Typical of Daniella? I dont know...

Mornings may be sad.

The dorky kid with glasses? You know that ran a little like Eric Resong and a four year old with issues? The poor kid was laughed at by I dont know...everyone. Ruthann Killian tripped when she went to go get her prize, poor um thing! 

Meet new friends but keep the old ones one is silver and the other is GOLD...

Say good bye to Madi, Lauren, Jenny, Nicola, Nikki, Bree, and Kelly
There group is seperated for a month??
What about two days? Or two months? Or two hours?
That group had too many issues. 
Your better off without the drama, but honestly what else am I going to talk about?
Yes Lauren E broke off even though the other side did not want to let her go.
Nikki well for some people, she is too much, anmd is scared to even get into a fight, even though she is in it
Jenny, brags too much? Hangs over boys too much? Is a backstabbing Bitch?
Hmm what about Madi's side?
Madi didnt show some steam and suprise supirse her new sidekick Carina didnt either but she has a different story something I want to find out...
Her group is over, lets see um how about DONE!
Boys stay out of it is what they are saying...its not their fault. We are girls; catty, jealous, mean, bitch slapping, bitches.
You boys are one reason they fight...one reason why a lot of girls fight.

Anger issues Carina?

Wew all saw how you threw some coins at Natalia's feet....Micaela mad Carina? I was in the bathroom seeing you let some steam out. All b/c of what? Micaela said you didnt pay her 50 cents? But you did wow big deal! Are you on your period?

Who was that?

I saw you with some boy hand in hand, laying next to each other. Who is that hottie sitting next to you? You know who you are...

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl