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!LG! [Oct. 1st, 2007|07:39 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


[Current Place |Los Al, California]
[My Mood Today |calmcalm]
[Music |Ayo Technology- 50 cent]

LOLz football team lost 12-26 
Cody was looking hot though!
Cheer team not listening to captain, Daniella, -snorts-
Varsity volleyball game tomorrow! -Please support you team- I'm going there well b/c gossip and of course food! 
Who likes Thomas??
Bree, Julia, Jenny, Daniella also girls think he would be hot if he was taller but Thomas hun be nice k?
Everyone will still love and look at you!

Hottest Guys in School
2.Shane Goodwin
5.Hayden/Danny Lukehart

wasnt suprised Cody was number one he is voted Best Body from every girl.

Now voted Most liked as in crushes
1. Shane Goodwin
2. Cody
3. Thomas
4. Nolan
5. Hayden

Nolan you would be number one if you didnt cut all your beautiful hair off and if you werent so immature.
Ready for Pretty in  Pink? Well girls and boys feel better soon it's on the 6th!
New episode of Gossip Girl on channel 5 on wednesday.
Serena= Carina ?
PE, hope shes not a slut...
Carina in tears why?
Anyone notice? Casey did. Yes that is why Carina is sitting next to Carina.

"Avalon and Hayden were making fun of her,"
"She probably started," ew gross but probably true
"She hates sitting at that table," why would she I would love to sit next to her!

Carina, love. To make you feel better here are some:

Avalon comments
"She looks like a martian," laughs. chokes. laughs
"She looks jacked up with braces,"
"she is such a slut,"
"Could she be more obvious of liking Cody?"
" She is perverted, and a little fake,"

Hayden Comments
"I hate his hair, does he do it himself?"
"He is so perverted!"
"He is such a jackass/ idiot!"

Anyone part of Catherine Paleogus hates YOU club? I am a member because she hates me lolz!
Thank God for ITBS testing I would hate to do HW! Even though Im watching cartoons right now lolz!
Did Avalon get the part on that show she wanted? Without a Trace?
Daniella's Birthday is coming up, party at Monetcito Center
Well I have to go..for now...but I will give you latest gossip as much as I can! CG hun please get better. GG am I running this site now?

Kisses & HUGS,


[User Picture]From: gossipgirl_101
2007-10-02 03:05 am (UTC)
Stop Pushing it LG!
Dont be a Blair!
We are BFF's so I guess you could be...vice president!You forgot to say what you told me! So Im going to post it smiles !
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