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Gossip Girl [Oct. 24th, 2007|10:02 pm]
Gossip Girl SHS


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Gossip Girl is back...
Dont worry, because Im back with a long page of GOSSIP/SCANDAL. Mostly Carina has been in the spotlight along with some other people and atumnfest I do have some things. Lets start with autumnfest.

Avalon couldnt go b/c she invited Hayden over while her mom was gone, neighbors saw her with Hayden and reported it to her mom. Big trouble for avalon but there's no suprise...Cody hung out with his friends. Kori hung out with her ex boyfriends like always kori is flitatious. Jackie let Nolan and Kevin hang all over her...someone called her slutty another person said maybe avalon is rubbing off of her...I agree. Carina was walking around with some guys and madi's group split in two. Dont worry there is no fighting! DAmn! Blonde hair on ferriswheel making out with some guy...she goes to SHS but who? Anyone? Megan and Carina on Orbeter looks like megan wasnt to happy about that and neither was carina...someone did hear a fight between the two...but you never know. Dietrick admitted that he liked Casey Lewis. CArina with Red hair and blue hair? what is wrong with that girl?? But carina didnt care as it seems her eyes gleemed when she saw someone, past love, or do u still love him Carina?

Anyone wondering well I cracked the code

Last week: Spotlights can be difficult to handle

Carina was talked about how she never shows up to choir. Well I guess Im one of those girls...carina get off your ass and show up, I mean she lives in Rossmoor for gods sakes! Then Micaela discovers a note a note that made carina pissed. That note was between Casey and Carina but they were flamming against Micaela! Micaela showed Danny, Thomas, Daniella, Breana, Natalia, and Natalia fought against Carina. But knowing Carina that wouldnt keep her down she fought back and she yelled at Natie because she didnt write anything bad about her...thats true. I think its a little bitchy to show the note to everyone...maybe carina isnt that much of a top gossiper. 

Thursday that week
Dont write on the popsicle sticks!! Because Thomas, Danny, Carina, Natalia, and Daniella got in trouble. Mostly Thomas because he wrote bad things about Hayden like he is gay and that he likes guys. Carina and Thomas fought and Thomas blew up at Carina...leaving carina speechless or not...she didnt want to flame up at him...watching your rep carina? well keep doing that...
This is what Thomas said and its the truth lolz!
"You are such a fag"
"No one likes you"
"everyone hates you"
"Fuck you"
Your gay carina"
Carina and Daniella in a fight we know who is going to win so Daniella backed off...but carina ditched school on friday to be with two of her friends. Which let people talk...
Thomas felt guilty to what he said to carina he asked everyone to say sorry for him
Rumor spread by none other than carina's bff Nikki the rumor was...Carina is having a meeting with Ms. Devaney
Carina has ratrings on everyone
*Not true it was a joke between her and a friend*
Carina talks shit about everyone...and writes notes about them
Carina's response:

If everyone wanted to see my fucken notes Ill show them!
Why would I talk shit about them? Do I have reasons, NO!
I just want to fit in!
My friends why would I do that to them? I want to stay friends!!
As for people who are not my friends I want to be friends with them!!


Casey and Micaela in a fight! They both hate each other and Micaela hates casey for the note...but dont worry casey carina hs your back. Madi and Carina went to Knotts scary farm. Looks like Hayden and Avalon were an shs couple! Looks like LG lost her bet! 

Hayden no more interest in Avalon but he is still thinking on how he is going to break up with her... Hayden and Carina both text in class. 
 Kori cracked her fibula by some big mountain kinda girl well lets just say a Cathy Mcman.
Carina fell asleep in class...girls are talking...all girls hate PE. I do too even though I hate sports...

Daniella's party is on friday...ppl will be in costumes..thats my night to make fun of girls who wear slutty costumes or dorky costumes. So dress to impress or you will face the consequences...

You know You love me,

Gossip Girl

Upcoming Events:
Friendship week
Wear your costume to school
Carina's birthday party which may be on the tenth